About Us

Gambling carries a risk of addiction. In most European countries, the prevalence of addiction to the risk of an adult developing excessive gambling behaviour at some point of his life, is between 1 and 2%. Although only a small minority of players suffers from addiction and, according to most studies, 0.5% of people are at risk of developing a gambling problem, at Gambling.help we take this issue very seriously.

We are committed to preventing and combating problems related to gambling and mitigate them where they exist. We also strive to prevent behaviours that can lead to addiction, particularly among vulnerable people.

Our mission is to coordinate all the actions related to the prevention and fighting against excessive gambling (information, education, raising awareness, contacts with external partners and stakeholders, etc.).

In our commitment to prevention and research in the field of addictions, we cooperate with many national and international partners.

We can:

-provide information about counselling services and support
available in your community
-plan your first appointment with a treatment provider
-listen, offer support and give strategies to help you reach your
-offer basic education about gambling problems

At Gambling.help we rely on anonymity, confidentiality, neutrality and non-judgment in our missions of information, advice, support and orientation of the public.

Anonymity and confidentiality: we are open to the concerned people and to those around them. The confidentiality of the exchanges is guaranteed so that everyone can express themselves freely, without the risk of prosecution, judgment, discrimination.

Neutrality and not judgment: with us you are sure that the exchange of messages on the internet will be moderate in
remarks and opinions, we respect your private life, and rely on the principle of impartiality.

We offer specialised services via email for young people and adults with gambling addiction problems, as well as support services to the family of these people.

Our service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is free and confidential.